Dj Trí Minh

Release Date: November 27, 2015

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Since the beginning of 90s, after graduated from Hanoi Conservatory of Music as Excellent in composing degree, Tri Minh, together with some other young musicians started to play Jazz music in various locations in Hanoi. After a period of improvising with Jazz music, Tri Minh has started to explore his territory in electronic music. Since 1999, Tri Minh has begun to compose and perform as a DJ and electronic music solo artist in many location and venue in Vietnam and abroad. With its more and more popularity, Tri Minh has established as the first truly electronic artist in Vietnam who combine international trends with local inspiration. He had perform together or as part of with many international artists/DJs, some of the world most prestige artists/Djs: Robert Henke (DE), Robin Scanner (UK), Dickson Dee (HK) …from Denmark, UK, US, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Hong Kong, China, Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore…and has performed in Barcelona-Spain, Goteborg-Sweden, Copenhagen-Denmark, Cologne, Berlin-Germany, Taipei-Taiwan. Graz, Linz, Vienna-Austria, Paris-France…




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